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At Herensys, our team is passionate about providing Employment Solutions that empower businesses and individuals in emerging markets. Our expertise includes being an employer of record (EOR), IT recruiters, BPO vendors, and employment law experts, ensuring that all parties have a smooth and compliant experience. We work alongside businesses of all sizes and aim to provide customized solutions to suit their needs. Our team is dedicated to driving success for our clients through our exceptional services and expert advice.

About Us

Our Mission

Our goal at Herensys is to deliver employment solutions that prioritize compliance. We believe that educating our clients and partners on the importance of compliance ensures that we provide the most efficient and effective solutions. As a company, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality services that align with the needs of our clients and partners. We commit ourselves to upholding ethical and professional standards in all our work. Partner with us today in creating compliant employment solutions.

Our Leaders

Ecaterina Zidu

Rached Abbassi
GM North Africa

Nicolae Babanu
GM Europe

Walter Ragonese
EMEA Executive Director

Alina Floraru
EMEA Opps Manager

Our Team = Your Team 

Consider our internal team an extension of your team. We are proud to have a team of industry experts who are passionate about providing top-notch staffing solutions. Each member of our team is dedicated to matching employers with talented candidates who will help their businesses succeed. Meet our team and see for yourself why Herensys is the go-to company for staffing solutions.

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