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Software Engineer In Test


Job Type

Full Time



Our client are experts in test architecture, tooling & automation, working to ensure and improve quality of our software & systems. They are Test Engineers or Developers who have evolved their skills to support teams in every way needed to build quality, with a particular focus on shifting-left and automation-first approaches. You are self-managed, proactive, humble in your expert knowledge, and have great communication and mentorship skills. Your professional skills and experience form most of your qualifications, but it’s also your personality that makes the difference.

The technology and tools you will be using:

  • Platform: AWS, Kubernetes (EKS), Jenkins-X, Helm

  • Databases: MongoDB and PostgreSQL

  • Languages/Frameworks: Java/Spring Boot, NodeJS (JavaScript & TypeScript) & VueJS

  • Test tools: TestRail, Postman/Newman, Jacoco, Jest, CodeCov

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